17,000 children in Arizona foster care

The number of children in foster care in Arizona has hit a new record, 17,000 and these children are in critical need of a safe home.
Arizona Children’s Association’s Cori Rico says, “There aren’t 17,000 kids in care, just because, they’re put there because they’re in danger.”

Rico says if they aren’t in a safe environment, they need to be taken out. There are approximately 350 kids in foster care in Yuma County.

Rico said, “They try to place the kids with people that they already know and have a relationship with. We try to help those families, because there are costs associated and resources taking in a child that is not your own.”

Rico puts it into perspective. 17,000 is the size of a small city. Rico says, “What does 17,000 look like exactly, how many schools does that include?” She says they need people who are willing to open up their heart and homes to these kids. That doesn’t even include the 15,000 that are backlogged in the system.

The calls that come into the hotline because of allegations and abuse are huge, thats why 17,000 kids are in care.

Rico says they need to look at preventative services to help these families before the kids are taken away.

If you would like to donate, foster, adopt or volunteer with Arizona Children’s Association, feel free to visit their website at Arizonaschildren.org.

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