3 abortion bills pass the House move onto Gov. Ducey’s desk

YUMA, Ariz- The Arizona House has approved three bills that have already passed by the Senate that target abortion which are now being sent to Governor Doug Ducey to approve.



Senate Bill 1324 is forcing doctors to comply with the medication label that the FDA approved 16 years ago.


Jodi Lidgette, Vice President of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood, “It limits the administration to medication abortion to seven weeks. The current best practice, you know evidence based medicine supported by research is nine weeks and a lower dosage.”

Senate Bill 1474 does not allow abortion providers from transferring fetal tissue for use in research. However, planned parenthood’s across Arizona say they don’t provide fetal tissue for research.

Lidgette said, “We never have so it’s really not and issue for us. But we do wonder why this bill and why now? Forcing doctors to to go back in time is a very bad idea. ”

Lastly, Senate Bill 1485 puts into law a state ban on charitable donations.

Lidgette adds, “That’s awful. The legislative shouldn’t be stepping in and telling state employees who they can and cannot contribute to.”


Jodi believes these bills go beyond health and safety.

“This is not about health and safety. If this were about health and safety we would be listening to doctors. And by the way the Arizona Medical Association also opposed this bill,” said Jodi.

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