Tropical Depression Blanca enters the Desert Southwest

Tropical Depression Blanca enters the Desert Southwest

YUMA, AZ- Rain or shine…that didn’t stop people from hitting the streets.

One Yuma resident said, “This happens how many times a year? Not once, twice.”

This all triggered from Tropical Depression Blanca coming in overnight. Some streets were flooded with rain. Over 10th of an inch has landed in the Yuma area.

“Definitely its a nice little break here from the sun. Its nice to walk outside here in Arizona.”
“I like the rain and I don’t know…It’s just fun to play in and it feels nice.”
In some cases visibility is down to less than two miles. Moisture boost from Blanca definitely made an appearance and came with not only rain but humidity.
Even though we live in the desert southwest where we dont get much rain. Some residents rather have it stay that way.

One Yuma resident adds, “The sun and being in the heat makes me really comfortable. And when it’s cold and rainy idk its… It feels like im taking a shower constantly.”>


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