Grant money helps repair water tanks in Imperial County

Imperial county is in the process of repairing and replacing potable water tanks for of the smaller towns in the valley. If the state of Arizona didn’t step in to help, the two communities would be in a water emergency. Palo Verde and Winterhaven are in dire need of improvements to their water tanks. Esperanza Colio with the Imperial County Housing and Community Development says, “For them to provide good quality water, potable water, they have to fix those water tanks.”

If one of the tanks break, the town will be in desperate need of drinking water.  Imperial County Supervisor, John Renison said, “Can you imagine being without water or without sewer service? We had an issue several months ago where the sewer line was going to Yuma.”

The containers need major repairs, but Renison says it can be quite costly.

Renison said, “Most of those communities are under served. If something goes wrong either water wise or sewer wise, those are big ticket items and those special districts don’t have the funds to back up any major repairs, that’s when the county comes in.”

With the help of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money from the state of Arizona, they are able to fund two major projects.
Colio said, “It’s important for us to move quickly because they’re only living on one water tank and if that one fails between today and December the downside will be an emergency situation.”

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