A good time to sell home in Yuma study shows

YUMA, Ariz. -Selling a home can be worrisome, but research shows now is a good time if you’re in Yuma. Financial advisers Smart Asset released numbers across Arizona that show the border town ranked third best for homeowners to sell. Local realtors say those who suffered from the recent recession are now bouncing back and ready to buy.
The study was based on how much time the average home spent on the market before it was sold.  Yuma real estate agents say in certain cases they’ve seen lately it’s just been a matter of days. The study also considered affordability and risk of loss.  “We’ve seen homes sell in one or two days, in our office,  so it’s a good time to sell if you’re looking to sell,” said Candice Chavez with The Realty Agency.
Experts say the Yuma market is also ideal for buyers, with the average Yuma home going for $150,000. “We really encourage you to purchase because its so much more affordable and your mortgage payment is going to be so much lower than renting,” said Chavez.

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