A new Latino advocacy group launches Wednesday

A new advocacy group takes off Wednesday for the benefit of Latino students education. On the top of their list is improving the English language learner’s program. Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada said, “We truly believe our state’s English language learners aren’t benefiting our kids, it isn’t putting our kids in a place where they will be successful in their career in education.

Quezada believes four-hour blocks of English immersion classes prevent students from doing well in their other subjects.

The Superintendent of Yuma County School’s Tom Tyree said, “The Latino population is a significant part of the enrollment in Yuma County.” I think anything we can do to increase the educational success or performance of those students.

The AZELLA test, a test for Spanish speaking students, which is a way for teachers to know where place those students.

Stephanie Parra with the Phoenix Union High School District says she believes there is a lack of advocacy for the Latino students.

Parra said, “We really want to be a voice for the Latino student population. The opportunity that comes with this organization forming is really increase the voice and start shedding light on what policy issues affect the Latino students.”

Parra there’s lack of voice and advocacy for the Latino population.

Quezada said, “What happens is issues specific to the Latino children, Latino parents and Latino community get hidden amongst the shuffle.”

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