Abused dog with cancer gets chemotherapy

SAN LUIS, Ariz. –  A two year old Husky that was diagnosed with cancer after being severely abused is getting chemotherapy.

Loba, will start treatment Thursday and her foster parents say they hope she makes a full recovery.

Caregivers say, “It’s a cancer that can be transmitted form dog to dog.” They think that is how she got it in her mouth.

The dog is currently in the protective care of her foster parents after she was taken from her former owner Mario A. Soto-Duran.

Duran, a 32-year-old, was arrested late last year after Loba was found with an orange sized tumor on her snout in his care. Animal Control officials say Loba was also pregnant but ended up losing her puppies after she had surgery to remove the tumor.

Duran will face a judge February 24, 2016 on 8:30 am at the Yuma County Superior Court.

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