Active shooter on Oregon college campus shakes community; AWC students react

The city of Roseburg is shaken up after ten people were killed when a gunman opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College forcing the nation to face yet another mass shooting.

New’s 11 reached out to Arizona Western College to see how they would react in this type of situation.
Freshmen Jeremiah Egujae said, “It’s pretty sad people getting killed based on their religion, I don’t know how I would react especially if I knew some people.”

Arizona Western College police chief John Edmundson said being a state school, they have a fully certified police department on duty.

Edmundson said, “This is the worst case scenario, an Oregon type situatio. I have 4 officers to respond to one of these incidents initially.”

He said most these situations eat up manpower instantly. They need people to come in and assist them.

Edmundson said, “These are nightmare scenarios we talk about and we train for and hope to never have to do them.”

AWC said there is a texting service that the school pays for that can take over all of the phones for everyone enrolled, so people are notified of an emergency on campus.

Edmundson said in case of an emergency, call 911, and say something, even just “help”, before hanging up, so they know it’s not a prank call.

Edmundson said, “It used to be where you would need tell the 911 dispatcher where you were, now it locks it in with GPS coordinates.”

AWC’S Public relations department is always monitoring their social media sites, for tweets and posts to stay up to date with what is happening on campus.

Edmundson said President Obama signed an executive order to have FBI help in mass casualty events when there is a shooter on campus.

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