ADOT predicting shortfall of over $62 billion

YUMA, Ariz.-

New fees and higher taxes are some of the ways Arizona legislators may be able to generate more money for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

In a recent state audit, ADOT is anticipating a $62 billion short fall from 2015 to 2035 and state lawmakers are looking for a way to get more money.

ADOT relies heavily on gas tax in Arizona. For every gallon of gas, about 36 cents is taxed and with more fuel efficient cars and road maintenance costs increasing ADOT is running into a problem.

In the audit some new ways to get money is to increase the gas tax, create toll roads or lanes, raise existing vehicle fees and create new fees for alternative fuel vehicles.

Another problem ADOT is running into is maintaining roads in Arizona. They are backlogged for roads that need repair. The audit says the poor conditioned roads cost drivers an average of $318 a year in car repairs.



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