Affects of air pollution on the skin

New research shows the affects pollution has on our skin. Experts have long known pollution is linked to increased asthma, bronchitis, and can even lead to lung cancer. But, new research says the damage could be right at our fingertips.
In the desert southwest, residents are no stranger to the sun, and many people out working or playing in it – including commuters on the road – are affected.
“Very compelling evidence was presented from a scientific point of view.. specifically what pollution is doing to our skin. so for example car exhaust and small particulates from pollution are causing pigmentary changes in our skin,” says board certified dermatologist Alysa Herman.
The finds are a result of years worth of data collected around the world.
The studies started in Germany and were replicated in China – primarily the industrial cities in those countries.
Researchers concluded that the pigmentary changes were caused by traffic exhaust and soot – which are  the impure carbon particles in the air.
These problems, however, could lead to other – more serious – problems  in the future including the breaking down of collagen, the increase in wrinkles, and the increased risk of getting skin cancer in the future.
Experts say the best solution to preventing pollution from affecting your skin is preventative maintenance.
“It’s not just about UV radiation its about UV radiation and pollution which we know collectively really add to cell membranes and cause premature photo aging of the skin,” says Herman.
Experts recommend sunscreens with antioxidants, lotions with phloritin, and shampoos that heavily cleanse and exfoliates the scalp, as the head and is also exposed to pollution in the air on a daily basis.

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