Affordable athletic physicals offered at Yuma High School

Affordable athletic physicals offered at Yuma High School


It’s that time of year again…physical exams for student athletes is a requirement and now Yuma High School is offering cheap exams for kids this school year.

Assistant Principle and Athletic Director Frank Nunez at Yuma High School said, “Here at Yuma High we’re partnering with Up To Par Medical Clinic to offer affordable physical at twenty dollars.”

Students need to pick up a YUHSD clearance packet from their athletics office or from their coach and complete the family history section prior to seeing a physician.

Physical forms will also be available this Saturday. After the physical has been done and the packet is completed by the student and parent, the student can then complete the clearance process to participate in YUHSD athletic programs at their schools.

Nunez said, “What we look for is anything that might come up when they’re playing athletically but at the same time when a student doesn’t get cleared right away they’re typically are counseled by their doctor to go through certain steps to become cleared.”

But remember you need to keep those grades high in order to participate in the athletic department. Nunez talks about his expectations for this upcoming year.

Nunez said, “Our athletic department and our programs are going to be competitive. We have great coaching staff that develops players and athletes to do the very best that they can and we’re going to be there and we’re going to be tough.”

Physicals will be offered for twenty dollars at Yuma High on Saturday, August 8th from 8:00 am to 10:00 a.m. by Up To Par Medical Clinic.



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