Andrade sentenced to 50 years to life

EL CENTRO, Calif. – “The court will impose the sentence of 25 years to life for count one, the conviction of first degree, and because of that strike I will double that sentence to fifty years to life with a possibility of parole,” Imperial County Superior Court Judge Raymond Cota said as he read Martin Gabriel Andrade’s sentence.

That sentence was handed down to 21-year-old Andrade on Thursday. A sentence that the victim’s mother, Yulil Alonso-Garza, agrees with.

“Justice has been served in a way that he won’t be out in the community and be a threat to anyone,” Alonso-Garza said.

Andrade was found guilty of stabbing 17-year-old Martin Alberto Garza in January 2013 at a party in El Centro.
Yulinda Yulil-Garza, sister of the victim, gave an emotional testimony of how her brother’s death had impacted their family.

“It did give me a little closure, but nothing is going to bring my brother back,” Yulil-Garza said.

Alonso-Garza read a lengthy statement and presented the court room with pictures of her son who she will never see again. Cota also had some powerful words for Andrade.

“Probation report says you didn’t express or show remorse,” Cota said.

Alonso-Garza says her family will always suffer from this loss.

“Living with a hole in our heart,” Alonso-Garza said.

After three years, five months, and 24 days, the Garza family finally found closure; and Andrade found a sentence of 50 years to life.

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