Ann Kirkpatrick Canvass Kickoff at Yuma County Democratic Office

YUMA, Ariz. –  Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick is preparing to run against John McCain for a seat in the Senate.

Kirkpatrick is currently a member of Congress representing Arizona’s District 1.

She met with dozens of Yuma residents at the Yuma County Democratic Office, and addressed many issues she says are important in Arizona from gun control to immigration reform and education.

“I’d like us to build that strong, diverse, stable economy, that also includes building a rural-class education system,” says Kirkpatrick, “That’s excellent. It trains the workforce for those jobs in the 21st century. That includes passing comprehensive education reform and that includes the Dream Act.”

Another priority for Kirkpatrick is tackling the Senate gridlock in Washington D.C.

She says, “I think that we need to make sure that new ideas are coming forward, new people with fresh ideas. I really believe in this.”

Kirkpatrick’s ideals tell her supporters that she’s not just running for one group of people.

“She’s running to be Senator for everyone in Arizona, and that’s something we’ve been lacking in the Senate for a really long time,” expresses Dante Mitchell, “That’s what I really love about Ann. She’s running for everybody.”

Kirkpatrick’s outlook resonates with her healthcare-minded supporters as well.

“As a nurse myself I see every day that health care is not a privilege, but something that we need,” says Jason Bradley, “I think that Ann’s voice in the Senate can help move initiatives relating to healthcare forward in our country.”

If elected, Kirkpatrick says she will start by improving Arizona.

“I put Arizona first,” she says, “Born and raised here, both of my families on my mother’s side and my father’s side go back 100 years. But for me, it’s all about create a strong, diverse, and stable economy in Arizona and creating good paying jobs.”

She also shared her take on the upcoming presidential election.

“When Democrats vote, when Independents, and even Republicans, vote for good people, good people win,” Kirkpatrick says, “That’s what it’s about.”

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