Another Green Dot Card scam hits Yuma

Another Green Dot Card scam hits Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. – The City of Yuma said another Green Dot Card scam has been identified in the city. This scam has criminals acting like they are with the City of Yuma Water Department.

The City of Yuma said this is how the scam artists try to take advantage of you:

The scammer calls the victim by phone and identifies himself as a City of Yuma Water Department employee.

The victim is told they are delinquent on their water bill and a work order is in place to “shut the water off”. The scammer tells the victim they must pay the delinquent bill, immediately.

The victim is instructed to pay the delinquent bill by transferring funds to a Green Dot Card, usually directed to obtain a card at Walmart.   The victim business is informed to call the “scammer” back when the “payment” has been made.

The City of Yuma Water Department will notify customers of delinquent bills by mail. For your convenience, the City of Yuma offers several different ways to pay your water bill. You may pay on-line, by phone (customer initiated call), bank automatic checking/savings withdraw, by mail or in person.  Visit for more details.

These types of scams can be very effective and the callers can be very manipulative. Always have your guard up and never send or wire money to anyone unless you’ve confirmed it is legitimate. Never provide any payment information and never give any personal information.

If you have any questions about your water bill, please call the City Water Department at 928-373-5076.

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