Arizona Department of Education looks out of state for teachers

Arizona Department of Education looks out of state for teachers

YUMA, Ariz- Several Arizona school districts will be at Sam Houston State University’s job fair on Wednesday looking for teachers. The Arizona Department of Education say that they don’t find enough educators in our own state so they’re beginning to look elsewhere.

HR with Yuma Union High School District says, Phoenix had over 110 openings, Tucson was very close to the same and school districts across the state of Arizona had opening but they didn’t have teachers to fill.

HR Executive Director Scott Sheldon with the Yuma Union High School District said, “We saw the same thing here at our high school districts we’re at 23 openings that we were not able to fill with a teacher and luckily we had some people that were long term subs that were able to step in and so on.”

According to Arizona department of Education, 87% of Arizona school districts have to look outside of the state to fill up their vacancies.

Sheldon said, “I came here from Kansas and I had a pretty tight recruit relationship with a number of schools in Kansas. And we’re drawing upon are other professionals that have ties to where they have some teachers that are always available. We have to go out of state because we’re not producing enough teachers in our supply and demand.”

Sheldon says, YUHSD does as much as they can to promote educators locally.

Sheldon said, “We’re out promoting Yuma and we’re going to bring as many teachers in as we can. We have a really good crop of teachers coming this next year. I think what schools need to do and that’s across the state is once you get teachers you have to retain them.”


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