Arizona DPS officers will now be known as ‘troopers’

Arizona Department of Public Safety is getting a face lift.

The new director Frank Milstead is wanting to re-brand their image.

DPS Sergeant Brian Turner said, “We’ve basically had an identity crisis for many years, people aren’t really aware of who DPS is or what we do.”

They will now be known as Arizona State Troopers.

DPS Public Information Officer  Quentin Mehr said, “Over the years we have been known as department of public safety officers, patrolmen, and troopers.”

Milstead asked the officers their input and they prefer to be called ‘troopers.’

Turner said, “He wants us to be the leading law enforcement agency in the state in the public’s eye.”

DPS has recently rolled out a prototype, with a dark blue and copper color combination.

Mehr said, “There are several paint schemes, they haven’t made one solid choice.”

The President of DPS Jimmy Chavez says that only California and Arizona don’t refer to their highway patrol officers as troopers.

Turner said, “It’s a morale booster guys have been driving the white car for years. This is just another way to identify DPS, you’re not going to see a basic white car its going to be a different color scheme.”

Arizona DPS will be getting 90 new vehicles and they’ll be distributed throughout the state.

Mehr said, “The powers to be in Phoenix will make the decision as to where those vehicles are allocated to.”


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