Arizona gets new workplace injury report regulations

YUMA, Ariz. – Arizona division of occupational safety and health unveiled new requirements for reporting employee injuries for 2015. Previously Arizona’s rules stated if a person was admitted to the hospital it didn’t have to be reported. But that’s all changed now. With the new regulations  it doesn’t matter the type of injury…as long as an employee is admitted into a hospital… all businesses must record it.

Loss of an eye or both eyes, as well as all amputations should definitely be reported within 24 hours. And starting this january all work-related fatalities have to be reported within 8 hours. These new requirements began this month but you have six months to adjust to the change. But it should be adopted by late March, early April.

A.d.o.s.h Assistant Director, Jesse Atencio said, “So in a sense they’re going to report just no matter what, as long as that one employee and we don’t have to really have to search for it or find it anywhere else.” A.d.o.s.h reps say this will help with their own workplace statistics that they can later prevent future injuries. “In a sense it actually helps us out with our initiatives when we’re doing enforcement out there so we can target certain injuries when they have a lot of these injuries come through to us,” said Atencio.

Employers will be cited if they don’t comply. To help prepare your workplace…a-dosh will send a  consultant for free to go over the new record keeping rules. You can call and arrange for the complimentary meeting. There is also training through the a-dosh advocate publication on a quarterly basis. You can check that out online.  Atencio said,”consultation training is free to all businesses in the state of Arizona. so they just have to call us up.”

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