Arizona granted extension on Real IDs

A new extension is giving Arizonans more time to get the new federally compliant IDs and driver’s licenses once they become available next April.

This will also allow Arizonans to travel without questions or problems until 2020.

The Department of Homeland Security recently approved a request by the Arizona Department of Transportation for more time on creating the states new ID and drivers licenses.

This means, federal officials will not enforce the no-fly ban on those without one of the new, more secure licenses for the time being.

“Homeland security has told us what they will do is extend the use of current Arizona credentials.. the current non federally compliant credentials we have for sue at airport security and federal buildings until October of 2020,” says Ryan Harding, spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The issue of who gets to fly is an outgrowth of the 2005 Real ID ACT, which was enacted by Congress during the Bush administration after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Arizona, however, is behind on implementing the new IDs because of a 2008 law signed by the then governor Janet Napolitano, who barred the state from participating in the Real ID program.

It will be up to individuals to get the new ID’s before October 2020 – once they are released next year – or they’ll risk not being allowed on their flight or in federal buildings.

ADOT officials say the new licenses will be available by next April.

The cost for the news licenses is still being determined.

Written by Max Tarlton


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