Arizona has cities with some of the highest red light running fatalities

YUMA, Ariz. – New statistics released by the National Coalition for Safer Roads shows that Arizona has some of the most dangerous cities when it comes to Red Light Runners. With more than 130 deaths a year caused by red light running crashes. The Yuma Police Department says there have been no recent deaths in Yuma related to red light running, but some residents are worried.

One residents told us, “It does concern me because alot of people get hurt it’s not safe out there” and another says “Stop and look both ways before you go that’s the best bet on being safe”.

YPD says their officers see motorists running red lights on a daily basis and say drivers need to be responsible. YPD spokesperson Leanne Worthen says, “Part of red light running is impatient driving”. The destruction caused by these crashes can be greater than your typical accident as Worthen explains, “The t-­bones as a result of running a red light into an intersection can cause alot more severe damage not only to the vehicle but people”.  If you run a red light you’re risking your life, if you kill somebody else in the accident you’re facing jail time. Worthen says, “You could be facing manslaughter charges and several other charges depending on the circumstances of the case”

YPD says time behind bars and fines is nothing compared to possibly killing someone… all to run a red light. Worthen states, “Bottomline you may save a minute 2 at the max but you’ll probably just get stuck at the next light its not worth it it will never be worth it”

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