Arizona helps deter young adults from smoking with graphic ads

Graphic pictures on the consequences of smoking are back. The goal is to encourage young people, as well as adult smokers, to avoid smoking or even quit the habit all together.

The habit is also expensive,  state health officials say pack-a-day smokers in Arizona will spend about $3,000 a year to keep the habit.

But health departments around the country – even here in Yuma Arizona — are bringing back graphic ads to prevent people from smoking.

A recent study done by a Washington State University psychology professor and published online in the annals of behavioral medicine reveals graphic images and warning showing consequences of smoking are encouraging to young adults.

Experts say ‘why wait to quit?’ and if you’ve tried unsuccessfully, don’t give up. They also recommend ASHLINE, the Arizona Smokers Helpline. It offers counseling as well as replacement therapy options that include nicotine patches and/or nicotine gum to help nix the habit.

The Yuma County Health Department along with the Yuma Regional Medical Center have teamed up to host tobacco education support programs. Those will be held on Tuesdays for three weeks at YRMC.

That program starts July 7th contact the Yuma County Health Department for more information.

To contact ASHLINE call 1-800-55-66-222

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