Arizona Hog Rally Bike Games

This week, there has been hundreds more motorcycles on the streets of Yuma this week as Saturday is day three of the Hog Rally.
This afternoon in downtown Yuma, there were the bike games, raffles, plenty of good food and fun. We caught up with the owner of the pink Harley, known as Miss Piggy. She is out of the East Valley Hog Chapter which is part of Desert Wind in Mesa.
She says she is called Miss Piggy because of her personality and her husband’s personality is like Kermit, so she says it fits.

Miss Piggy said, “I’m Miss Piggy, gotta make it show, I love everything female; jewels, pearl, necklaces, diamonds and bows. I mean how girly can you get? Piece by piece I “blinged” everything on the bike.”

Piggy said she won $450 in her softtail category.

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