Arizona Hog Rally Oct. 22th – 24th

YUMA, Ariz. – The Arizona Hog Rally is this Thursday October 22nd through Saturday the 24th in Yuma County. Hog rallies are worldwide and this year voters chose Yuma. People come from all over the country, even the world to the Hog Rally. Hotels, restaurants, and bars will be packed with bikers with weekend as the hogs host three days of fun filled events. Thursday night is the welcome party at Bobby’s Territorial Harley Davidson, live music, and exhibition shows.

Friday night is the Cocopah bike show, where up to $5,000 cash and plaques will be awarded to 1st place winners in 10 categories. On Saturday there are bike games and a bike parade.

The games will be held near Main Street and the Host Hotel on Madison Avenue. Ending the weekend is Saturday’s block party.

Yuma Harley Owner’s Group Director, Reynold Jerome said, “We are all hog members, we all get along. We are here to support the community no matter where we are at.”

Bobby’s Territorial Harley Davidson General Manager Jon Pitts said, “We could have 800 people in Yuma at any given time.”

The Arizona Hog Rally was in Yuma in 2013 and they are excited to be hosting it again.

Jerome said, “Everyone’s hog friendly, our money is green.”

Pitts says they don’t do it for profit. All money raised goes to buy raffle prizes.

Pitts says, “We have a lot of people coming in from Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and even Germany. What that does for Yuma brings hotel, motel association, because of all the people staying here. This is the type of thing we do to give back to the community, brings money into the local businesses and helps downtown.”

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