Arizona is one of the first states to offer tuition insurance

For many parents, its hard to save for college when the cost of tuition keeps going up.

Out of all 50 states, Arizona has one of the most increased tuition rates climbing 83.6 percent since 2008. However, Arizona recently became one of the first states in the U.S. to offer tuition insurance to reimburse parents.

AWC Scholarship student Daisy Hatcher-Taylor, “I do everything to make them proud, so their money is going to good use.”

Officials say tuition insurance can help protect parent’s investment in their child’s future.

The AGA study found that 71 percent of parents are unaware that tuition insurance exists.

AWC Freshmen says Alec Valenzuela pays for school with financial aid and his parents help too. He said he’d be interested in looking into tuition insurance for what his parents do pay for.

Most students we spoke to use financial aid or pay out of pocket

AWC student Hector Rivera said, “I pay for my classes, my parents help me with my books. I don’t get financial aid at all.”

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