Arizona Makes New Medical Marijuana Law

Arizona Makes New Medical Marijuana Law

As of the new year Arizona is now accepting applications for medical marijuana use for those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Several local vets in the Desert Southwest feel that this can be a helpful drug and benefit those with the disorder.

American Post Legion Manager, Richard Perez says, “It’s either you get help by using a home remedy like marajuana or you go on something like prozac which could be just as bad for you.”

Perez says, having served in a combat zone it’s definitley very stressful and takes a toll on a person not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

Perez adds, “It’s very stressful and when soliders and marines come back…unless you walked in those shoes that have been there. I think any type of daily remedy that could help you get through life is certainly something good.”

Being that there are a plethora of vets in Yuma Perez feels like this could definitley help them once they return from the war zone.

Perez adds, “We have our fair share of guys. Primarily Vietnam veterans but I’m sure the Iraqi and the Afghan veterans are starting to come home and we’re going to see issues and problems with those guys because its so hidden you dont know by looking at these guys that they have PTSD.”

But Perez says the question still remains….

“Which is the best remedy…the chemical drug or the hard grown drug… its hard to say.”

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