Arizona ranked number one state for gun owners by magazine

YUMA, Ariz. – This year Arizona ranked number one as the most accommodating state for firearm owners in the nation by Guns & Ammo Magazine. The publication based their rating from their review of each state’s laws and considered initiatives in legislatures. States were ranked numerically in each of five categories including the right to carry, the right to own firearms with tactical appearance, and the presence of the Castle Doctrine among other things.

Arizona is one of more than two dozen states with Castle Doctrine, a law allowing excessive even lethal force to protect yourself from harm’s way. In a recent instance of a Yuma trial, Robert Moore III shot and killed a man while sitting in his car. This June, a jury acquitted him based on self defense. Firearm instructor and member of the National Rifle Association, Darren Alvarez, said, “It’s always illegal to shoot somebody, you have an exclusion if it’s to save your own life.”

In Arizona, not only do you not need a permit to carry a firearm, you also don’t need a permit to conceal one. Sprague’s Sports Manager Kevin Smith attributes Arizona’s top spot in the survey to one thing in particular. “Arizona just follows federal guidelines, I mean there’s federal laws out there we don’t add a lot of state laws say like California for instance, California has counties making laws they have the state making laws, against possession against travel, carrying magazine capacities, that sort of thing,” said Smith.

But not everyone is thrilled by the leniency. An unnamed woman feels,  “It should be better controlled and because we having a lot of mentally ill people having access to guns.”

Others consider Arizona’s approach for the right to bear arms a necessity. Alvarez said, “It can be used poorly, it can be used for good and it certainly can be used to save your own life and your family’s.”

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