Arizona State University fighting against sexual violence around campus

Arizona State University fighting against sexual violence around campus

YUMA, Ariz-

ASU is fighting against sexual violence around campus.

The university has launched a mandatory training on sexual assault awareness, which approximately 35,000 students have already completed.

ASU has also implemented a peer support group for sexual violence victims. The university’s police department has created a special victims unit to investigate sex crimes adding two new detective positions.

Arizona State University Spokesman, Mark Johnson said, “The reason that a unit was created was because we have some new leadership at the department and they’re implementing some new techniques and strategies basically to police smart.”

Johnson says they also have created a new live safe app.

Johnson said, “They have implemented a live safe app which does a couple things like it allows people to check in and say I’m walking from point A to point B and the person that they communicate that to can keep track of them. It also allows for anonymous communication with the police department. So hey I just saw something funny here you guys might want to check out.”

Within the past year ASU has put in place online training that all students have to complete and there’s a component on the ASU online course that the freshman go through. Faculty and staff are also required to participate in an online training course.

U of A does not have a mandatory course that students must take however they do have a sexual misconduct training that supervisors and employees have to go through.

Johnson says sexual assault cases have been an issue for campuses across the country and it’s vital to raise awareness around our schools.

Johnson said, “I think what you see going on here and going on in a lot of campuses is extensive efforts to educate the community, students, faculty and staff alike and raise awareness.”

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