Arizona Traveler ID not needed until 2020

YUMA, Ariz. – Starting this week, Arizona citizens can purchase the new voluntary travel ID card that was implemented by the Department of Homeland Security.

Officials have said current Arizona IDs do not meet the Federal Real ID Act of 2005.  However, Homeland Security says citizens will not have to purchase the ID until 2020.

The new ID costs $25 dollars and will be valid for eight years. It can be bought at certain MVDs in Arizona, Yuma is not one of them, but will be available at all state MVDs within the next few months according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

You can also purchase the ID at any authorized third party driver license provider. There are two located in Yuma county: one in Yuma, Montes Multiple Services LLC at 2255 W. 32nd St. Suite B and another in San Luis, RL Jones Insurance Services, Inc. 800 N. Main St.


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