Authorities search for missing Yuma man

YUMA, Ariz. – A Yuma man has been missing since Saturday morning.

Friends and family of John Burkett say he went missing on his way to work.

“He needs to come home, he has family, he’s a brother and son, he’s a grampy to two little girls that are everything to him,” said Shelly Blunt Burkett.

Blunt Burkett hasn’t seen or heard from her husband since Saturday morning. He was on his way to work but never made it there.

Alfonso Zavala, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, says they received a call regarding John Burkett’s missing status at 10:45 a.m.

“He did speak to someone prior to leaving to work and those are a lot of leads we are still following,” said Burkett.

“He has come up missing since Saturday morning, the last time we talked to him was at 7:30 and he was talked to personally at that time and from that time we have not heard from him. Cell phone service has been shut down completely,” said Larry Gilley, a close friend of Burkett’s.

Gilley said, “He has been at his job for 14 years, I don’t know of a time that he missed that he didn’t call in.”

Blunt Burkett says John is the kind of person who will always help others.

“He has literally given the shirt off of his back before. Once, we went to a prison to pick somebody up that was getting out and there he saw a girl that was going to lose her visit because she had a tank top on. He asked me if it was ok if he gave her his shirt so she wouldn’t lose her visit, he’s like that with everybody,” said Shelly Blunt Burkett.

Authorities say John Burkett was last seen driving his pink and gray camouflaged Suzuki Samurai, it has a pink ribbon on it in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 78-Crime or the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 783-4427.

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