AWC police officer rescues child in Colorado River

AWC police officer rescues child in Colorado River

YUMA, ARIZ. –  An officer from Arizona Western College was commended Thursday after saving a child from the Colorado River last week.

On May 25, AWC Police Officer Jose Encinas was at the Ocean to Ocean Bridge with his family when he became aware of a child in distress swimming in the Colorado River.

According to officials at AWC, Officer Encinas moved towards the child in an effort to rescue him.  The child grasped him causing both to become submerged.  Once Officer Encinas freed himself, he was able to continue lifesaving efforts and eventually got the child to safety.  After the rescue, the child’s parent was located and Officer Encinas explained what had happened and the child was then left in the care of his mother.

John R. Edmundson, Chief of Police at AWC, sent a commendation on May 27 to Officer Jose Encinas and wrote, “Your efforts on that day, not only speak highly of you as a person, but exemplify those traits as a professional law enforcement officer. Congratulations on your outstanding efforts and success.”


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