AZ schools to receive 4 billion with Democrats new education plan

AZ schools to receive 4 billion with Democrats new education plan

YUMA, Ariz- Arizona democrats released a plan they say will give K-12 district and charter schools nearly $4 billion over the course of 10 years.

They’re offering the plan as Governor Doug Ducey and the legislature’s republican leadership have offered their own competing proposals to increase education funding.

Don Shooter with AZ Senate District 17 says he’s open to the idea and thinks it’s a start to something good.

Shooter, “I personally welcome any ideas that people have and if they’re sincere and want to propose a solution I’m more than willing to take a hard look into it.”

The democrat’s proposal is to continue the $75 million additional inflation funds the legislature gave schools this year. Immediately giving schools an additional $278 million from an existing budget surplus for this school year.

Starting next year, the plan is to give schools an additional $250 million in ongoing revenue.

Shooter said, “The plan is give us all your money and then give us so more next year and I don’t think that’s the solution. And certainly not even in the short term. There’s no question that the education of Arizona’s system is complex and convoluted and there needs to be a lot looked on.”

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