Back to school germ preventative maintenance

The new school year is upon us and with that comes a fresh new batch of germs.

Often times, a whole household can become sick because of a students interaction with germs at school, but that’s not always the case – especially if you and your kids are taking precautions against spreading germs.

Local experts with the Yuma County Health District have a few tips.

1. Have the kids wash their hands first thing when they get home from school to reduce the amount of germs that are spread throughout the household.

2. Change from school clothes to play clothes to help limit the spread of germs through clothing.

3. Make sure kids are eating healthy and have a fair share of physical activity to build a strong immune system to ward off sicknesses like the flu or the cold.

4. Make sure your students are getting adequate amount of sleep. That too will help with strengthening the immune system.

5. Flu vaccines and making sure your students up to date on vaccines are also very important to staying healthy and germ free.

Michelle Smith with the Health District says the current flu vaccine is in the works and should be available to the  public within the next couple of months.

She also says even though last years flu shot wasn’t as effective as experts thought, it’s still a good idea to get one, as each year comes with a  different strain of the flu virus.

If you are not sure which vaccines your child may need, see your pediatrician or ask your school for their required or recommended shot.

Max Tarlton reporting

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