Ballet Yuma’s Hansel and Gretel

Ballet Yuma is getting ready for their adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm tale Hansel and Gretel, which is the perfect adventure for the whole family.

Ballet Yuma Executive Director Jim Hall said, “Tomorrow we are offering the program to school children here in Yuma
part of Ballet Yuma’s mission to introduce dance specifically ballet to the children on Yuma.
Hall said, “Over three thousand local children that come here to see the ballet.”

Not only will they be able to watch performances, but they will learn ballet etiquette by Artistic Director Kathy Sinclair.

It’s part of their mission to teach dance, specifically ballet.
Hansel and Gretel stumble upon a house made of delicious confections and find themselves welcomed by a witch.

Hall said, “We want to promote the arts as much as we can. Brand new costuming, brand new choreography. It’s really interesting, its colorful. We hope the community comes and brings their kids, it’s a wonderful Grimm fairy-tale. It’s not the dark side it’s fun, uplifting, exciting colorful program.>

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