Behind the scenes of a 911 emergency call

YUMA, Ariz. – Emergency dispatch is part of a team that works through what might be the toughest situation in your life. These men and women say it takes a lot patience to handle a frantic caller and the job is high stress.
“Some days are better than the others, and some days you just leave and you’re like mentally drained. But you have to have patience. A lot of patience, because you deal with people who are calling in, because they’re having the most terrible day of their life and you have to help them,” said Yuma Police Department dispatcher Ashley Taylor.
As a caller, it’s important to provide an address, telephone number, and make sure you answer the questions they ask. It might  not seem crucial in that stressful situation but dispatch needs specific answers they pass on to responders.
 “We want to help as much as they need it. So if we could reach through the phone we definitely would but we have to go through procedures,” said Yuma Police dispatcher Selena Jauri. Dispatchers also play a role in safety just as fire or police officers. They’re the first to provide assistance using those procedures.
“These are the instructions we give them as the paramedics get there. We have CPR cards we have the heimlich maneuver, accidents,” said Jauri. Although the work environment can be tense, it can also be rewarding. Jauri said, “I chose it because I love helping people and I want to give back to the community and I figured this would be the best way to do it.”

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