Bill to pay Arizonans to get their concealed weapons license

Bill to pay Arizonans to get their concealed weapons license

YUMA, Ariz- A new bill that would pay Arizonans to get licenses for concealed weapons have some people worried about the outcome.

A proposal by House Majority Leader, Republican Steve Montenegro wants the state to pay for Arizonans to get licensed to carry concealed weapons saying it promotes safety.

They would provide a dollar-for-dollar credit against state income taxes owed for the cost of training to get a CCW permit, up to $80.

Sprague’s Manager, Chad Converse said, “I think it does give people a little bit of an incentive to go out there and get their license. I think history shown itself when there is an active shooter situation having someone with a weapon or carry a concealed weapon does help in those situations faster and help prevent further loss of life or personal injury.”

Yuma resident Karen Pagel who disagrees with this bill said, “I don’t think it’s a really good idea. Too many crazy people out there who are going to throw their guns out there and shoot them up just because they think that they can do it with a concealed weapon.”

Converse believes that some people may be afraid of the idea because they aren’t educated enough about gun safety which can make them fearful of a person with a concealed weapon.

Converse adds, “A lot of times people seem to overreact when they see someone who’s obviously outside carrying, to me that seems like that’s more negligence or mis-information.” 

But in a statement, Montenegro says quote: “Law enforcement has told us time and time again that the first line of defense are those that carry CCW permits.”

Yuman Steve Beltran who’s for the bill says, “I think they should carry weapons if they’re legal and they have permits you know. That would be safer for everybody. If they’re you know not criminally insane or something like that.”

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