Blaze damages two residential complexes and multiple sheds

YUMA, Ariz. – What started out as a garage fire turned into multiple properties being damaged.

Mike Erfert, with the Yuma Fire Department said, “Initially first it was at 26th [Street] and Fourth Avenue. Fire crews arriving in the area found that it was actually here at the corner of 26th and Eighth Drive.”

The lot where the fire was occurring contained two residential structures, and several additional storage sheds in close proximity to each other. The fire spread between these structures, with an additional neighboring house also being damaged.

Authorities said, there was at least one elderly occupant in one of the structures at the time of the fire, they we able to evacuate safely with the help of a family member.

It took fire crews at least two hours to bring the fire under control, with fire fighters remaining on the scene for several additional hours working to completely extinguish the fire and resulting hot spots.

Erfert adds, “Hours from now once the fire has been completely knocked down and extinguished, hot spots extinguished we’ll be able to determine the cause of the fire.”

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