Boy struck by truck at Centennial Middle School

YUMA, Ariz. – A car accident that took place Wednesday morning sent one Centennial Middle School student to the hospital.

Centennial student Brisa Macias, who’s a seventh grader at the school said, “I was walking to school and I saw a lot of ambulances and stuff like that. I saw him laying on the ground. My friends and teachers were saying that he got ran over by a car.”

Police say it happened in the parking lot of the school where kids get dropped off. Authorities say a 17-year-old girl was driving in a Ford truck and hit a 13-year-old boy who attends the school.

YPD says typically drivers aren’t speeding by and should be going about five miles per hour. We’re still unsure how fast the driver of the truck was going at the time of the accident.

Joe Franklin with the Yuma Police Department said, “In a school zone, in a school parking lot you definitely want to pay extra attention to kids that may pop out of nowhere.”

The boy was taken to Yuma Regional Medical Center and later flown to a Phoenix hospital in serious condition. One parent was in shock when she heard the news.

Yolanda Castañeda said, “Oh wow. I just heard something happen but I wasn’t too sure what it was. They need to be more aware of when they’re driving and how fast they’re going. I mean there is a school here. They need to drive than they normally do and should not drive faster if they’re here.”

Franklin adds, “When you’re walking in a parking lot always be aware that there could be a moving car. I know a lot of times they’re excited to go to school or to see their friends. But you just want to pay that little extra bit of attention and same with the drivers.”

The student mentioned that during the schools announcements Wednesday morning, they gave an update of the boys condition and stated that he is doing well. This case still remains under investigation.

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