Brawley celebrates Cinco de Mayo

BRAWLEY, Calif. – Brawley’s community celebrated today Cinco de Mayo. To them it’s a tradition of family and culture.

Local resident Jenny Benavides says it’s important to be reminded of one’s roots.

“Don’t forget about their culture, Cinco de Mayo, celebrate it and remember where they came from,” Benavides said.

She says families gathered today at Brawley’s Hinojosa Park for a fiesta of culture, food, friendship and tradition.

“It’s beautiful to get families united together and children so they know, also generation after generation keep following the tradition of celebrating it,” Benavides said.

Event organizer and Hidalgo Society member Fernando Mata explains the historical significance of the date.

“It is a battle at Puebla where the Mexican army defeated the French army,” Mata said.

He says it’s been celebrated locally for the past 94 years. “Year after year we’re celebrating our culture.”

He says today’s event is part of celebrating America’s diversity of cultures.

“I believe the strength of America is in its people and the diverse cultures that come,” Mata said.

Mata says the diversity of America’s people is the fabric behind the American flag.

“Incredible fabric of America where we enjoy other people’s cultures. If you go to other places, maybe on the west coast you may find other festivals and they’re beautiful festivals and we’re doing our part to create that fabric here in Brawley,” Mata concluded.

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