Bridget’s gift gives VIP experience to two time cancer survivor

Bridget’s gift, established in April of 2011, is a special fund honoring Yuma native and inspiration, Bridget Orta Martinez.

This year is 5 years since the Yuma community lost Bridget to inflammatory breast cancer. Bridget’s legacy lives on and continues to touch countless lives, lending financial support to those patients and families affected by breast cancer.

This year Briget’s gift foundation wanted to give a special VIP experience to a person who is most deserving. The person they chose was Roberta Ruiz..

Board Chairperson for Bridget’s Gift Wendy Mckay said, “She’s a two time cancer survivor. She had lymphoma at the age of 13 and fought breast cancer as well. She’s really fought a hard battle, we thought there is nobody better and more deserving of the VIP experience.

VIP winner Roberta Ruiz said, “I’ve been through a lot. My sister submitted my story. I didn’t think anything of it, I’m sure a lot of people submitted their story.”

Ruiz and a friend will get to sit front row at a special table for two at the Bridget’s Gift concert on Saturday.  There will be four performances: Restless, Downtime, as well as Josh Thompson and Joe Nichols.

Ruiz will also get to meet Josh and Joe as part of the experience.

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