Business owners and developers talk about downtown Somerton redevelopment

SOMERTON, Ariz. – Business owners talked with developers about what they would like to see in the redevelopment of downtown. The city has been planning the revitalization for about four years now in attempt to bring economic development.

The city hired Phoenix based company, J2 Engineering and Environmental DesignArt, to develop the project. Jeff Velasquez, one of the developers said they wanted stake holders to discuss with them what they want to see in the future downtown area. “We always want to involve the community in any kind of en-devour like this,” said Velasquez.

Art  and culture where the two big components that developers and owners want implemented in the redesign. Emma Torres, who owns a building on Main Street, says “This will be an excellent opportunity for Somerton,” and that she wants the culture and art to be re-established downtown.

Another idea that developers want to implement is to widen the sidewalks downtown. Right now they are between six and eight feet wide and Velasquez says by doubling the width it would help economic growth. “There is a whole different range of economics when you go from eight feet to 18 feet,” said Velasquez. “You see on street dining and a more vibrant pedestrian zone.”

The next developer meeting will be on February 11th where the general public will be invited to talk about what they would like to see in the revitalization of downtown Somerton.

The project will occur between Somerton Avenue and Cesar Chavez Avenue on Main Street.


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