Calexico fire re-ignites

CALEXICO, Calif. – For a third time, flames from a recycle center fire threatened businesses near Grant Street and Cesar Chavez Boulevard.

Sergio Alejandro Noriega, who manages an auto body shop next to where the blaze started, said the fire started again on Thursday at around 11 a.m. and was contained later in the afternoon.

Noriega said that Thursday’s fire was just a small flare up, unlike Monday. He said he heard about 12 explosions during Monday’s fire.

“Very strong, coming from the cars and diesel trucks,” he said.

He was referring to several cars and trucks parked in a trucking company lot next to his shop and the recycling center. The trucking company suffered loss of cars, trucks and equipment.

Edgar Lopez works at the auto body shop and saw the Monday fire when it first started.

“We were working and I saw a large flame leap from the ground in the recycling center, and then the fire started,” Lopez said.

Lopez and Noriega say they immediately began to move their vehicles and their equipment out of the shop, they also alerted the workers in the trucking company about the fire.

The Garcia shopping plaza next to the trucking company was affected by the fire as well.

Salvador Ruiz owns a restaurant at the plaza and says for a moment he thought he would lose his business when firemen ordered them out of the area.

“They took us out of the business because the smoke was so strong,” Ruiz said.

Even though Ruiz didn’t lose his business to the fire, he says he lost a lot of business because people think he’s closed. But he’s grateful that at least he still has a business standing.

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