Calexico Police start using body cams

CALEXICO, Calif. – False complaints against Calexico Police may be a thing of the past, says Sgt. Victor Legaspi, thanks to the use of body cams.

“Have a complaint on a police officer, at least we can go through the video and the voice recording to see if it’s valid or not,” Legaspi said.

Police, animal control and traffic controllers they all started using the 40 new body cameras on Tuesday.

“A simple traffic stop or contact of a person out on the street connected to an investigation, the camera is automatically turned on,” Legaspi said.

Officer Bryan Porras sees it as a tool for accountability especially when dealing with difficult people.

“If they do get arrested, sometimes there’s been incidents that they’ve come to the PD and made false allegations against the officer,” Porras said.

He says it’s useful to have as evidence.

“If there’s any use of force they can review the video,” Porras said.

It took a little more than a year for the Calexico Police Department to get body cameras, mirroring after other departments such as the El Centro Police Department and Imperial County Sheriff’s Office which already uses body cameras.

“We got it a few months ago, so it’s being implemented right now through the training and making sure that the policy is well written and everyone has read it and has agreed upon it,” Legaspi said.

Officer Porras said when it comes to false allegations, this new tool will make a big difference in the department.

“Yes it will. It sure will,” Porras concluded.

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