California Bounty Hunter reacts to Arizona unlicensed fugitive recovery agents mistakes

California Bounty Hunter reacts to Arizona unlicensed fugitive recovery agents mistakes


What one Unlicensed Fugitive Recovery Agent thought he was right…Is now costing himself jail time.

Brent Farley made the mistake of going to a Phoenix Chiefs house due to a tip he received on Facebook from an unreliable source.

One California Bail Agent talks about why this would never happen in their state.

California Bond Agent, Dan Escamilla said, “The reason why it wouldn’t happen in California is because Fugitive Recovery Agents are certified and required by law to communicate with the local police or sheriff. And they need to communicate the particular address that they will be operating at.”

Escamilla explains how the Facebook user who gave Farley the tip could have been “Swatting” which means a deliberate act by somebody intended to create a police response that could ultimately result to a loss of a life.

Escamilla said, “I think that’s exactly what happened here…if in fact this person had posted on Facebook you they really knew this was the chief of polices home you know he’s a celebrity. Then he did something instead of bringing in a swat team he brought in a bunch of armed people that are fugitive recovery agents that do the same thing as a swat team.”

Unfortunately that didn’t seem to be the case for Farley. They went in and Farley admits perhaps too soon because they were on deadline.

Farley said, “There’s a lot of things in this case that tell me that he was inexperienced. One was that he fell for a false lead that was promoted to him anonymously on social media apparently. Number two…he had a much larger team than most experienced guys have.”

Farley is now in jail on a $200,500 dollar bond and facing criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct charges.


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