California department of public health says electronic cigarettes are a threat to your health

California health officials say electronic cigarettes are a threat to your health.
A non-smoker Jack Magnell said, “Because there are probably nicotine coming off the vapors.”
California Department of Public Health say e-cigarettes emit cancer causing chemicals and get users hooked on nicotine. This week a California state lawmaker introduced legislation to ban e-cigs in public places.
Owner of Southwest Cigars Brad Martindale, “I don’t know why they would want to ban them from public places but they are a chemical so they aren’t completely healthy.”

Electronic cigarette makers say their product is far safer than tobacco.
Martindale said, “A lot of times they are marketed as being safer or less harmful than cigarettes there is no safe alternative to cigarettes, but they do say its less harmful than cigarettes.”
Winter visitor Phil Brown says he wouldn’t want someone smoking at e-cigarette near him. “If there’s any emission at all I wouldn’t want to put up with it, its no different than cigarettes maybe a little less.”
E-cigarette heat liquid nicotine without tar and other chemicals like traditional cigarettes.
Oklahoma and Arkansas have already issued advisories cautioning the use of e-cigarettes.
Brown said, “It infringes on my space if you want to smoke in your own house that’s your own business but a public place is for public people.”

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