Campaign for Prop 123 raises $1.75M

Campaign for Prop 123 raises $1.75M


A campaign to pass Proposition 123 has raised $1.75 million. The money would go towards spreading the word on Proposition 123.  We asked parents if they had heard of Proposition 123.

“I’ve heard very little about it,” Jennifer Coleman said.

She, like many other parents haven’t heard much on proposition 123. Something the group “let’s vote yes prop 123 for Arizona schools” hopes to change.

If passed it could potentially bring billions of dollars back into Arizona public schools.

“I think the schools are terribly under funded. Down in Arizona I mean all of the United States but were originally from New York and their funding is a lot different. These kids could potentially have so much more with the school being funded better. Right now they’re lacking in so many areas,” Coleman said.

Prop 123 would increase funding as a result of a settlement in October between lawmakers and education leaders during a special executive session called by Governor Doug Ducey.
“This is not all of a sudden, look at all this new money, no. This is the money that we haven’t been able to repair schools for the last 8 years. We haven’t purchased curriculum for the past 8 years. Our salaries across the nation they’re just so terribly low,” Yuma School District One Associate Superintendent Duane Sheppard said.

The agreement ends a five-year lawsuit and seeks $3.5 billion to Arizona schools to off-set budget cuts made during the recession of 2008.

“We’ve been limited in our funding for some years. If this prop passes we will still be pretty low for the nation,” Yuma School District One Chief Financial Officer Esperanza Rodriguez said.

She says if they were to get funding from Prop 123 they would use it towards outdated structures and repairs. Since the Yuma District One is over 50-years-old.

“Many of the schools need upgrading. You can go into some of these schools and see that they are lacking in so many areas. These classrooms need things, the buildings need repair, the lights and the sewer. Everything needs to be updated,” Coleman said.

Proposition 123 will be in a special election referendum on May 17th.

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