Candidates vying for Arizona Senate District 13

YUMA, Ariz. – The Yuma County Primary Election is less than a week away, and there are two candidates vying for the open seat in the Arizona Senate District 13.

Diane Landis and Steve Montenegro both identify with the Republican party. They spoke at a recent Colorado River Tea Party event and introduced their proposed plans for Arizona, including defending people from government and protecting water rights.

“I’m opposed to the overreach of the federal government,” stresses Landis. “Obamacare has destroyed our healthcare system, and I will do anything in my power to eliminate it from the state of Arizona.”

Steve Montenegro, current member of the Arizona House of Representatives, is running against Landis for the Senate seat and he shared some of the biggest accomplishments during his terms.

“When I came in 2008, we had a billion dollar deficit that was left by the previous governor and we have been diligently working hard to remove that,” shares Montenegro. “This year for the first time we have a structurally-balanced budget. With both our cash balances and structural balances, Arizona can say that we have a sound budget here in the state.”

Along with introducing their proposed plans for Arizona, both candidates focused on how they would impact Yuma County.

“Local control and education and a strong border,” stresses Landis. “I am pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, anti-tax, a champion for small government, and less regulations.”

“We’ve been fighting hard for Yuma when there has been legislation that has been introduced to try to take Yuma’s water,” explained Montenegro. “We have stood up. Doesn’t matter who it was we’re standing up against, whether it was the speaker, whether it was other political powers, we’ve stood up and we’ve been successful.”

The Yuma County Primary Election is on August 30.

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