Car thief arrested in Calexico

CALEXICO, Calif. – A man was arrested in Calexico early this Tuesday morning while trying to steal a car.

Victor Prado had broken into a car parked on the 100 block of 5th street according to Calexico Police.

Another man sleeping in a car behind it awoke to some noise and saw Prado burglarizing the car in front of him. He dialed 911.

Police came and arrested Prado inside the car.

Calexico police say a week earlier Prado had been chased by another officer for attempting to steal another car, but had escaped that time.

Prado is in jail for burglary and attempted vehicle theft.

“The reporting party was asleep behind the vehicle, awoken by the noise and he observed everything and when the officer got there, officer caught Mr. Prado inside the driver’s seat and also in his possession he had burglary tools,” said Calexico Police Detective Albert Llanas.

Calexico police say they’re still having three or four vehicle thefts reported per week. Honda and Nissan makes being the choice for thieves.

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