Career day in Brawley

BRAWLEY, Cali.- Cristian Flores is a sophomore at Brawley Union High School and he says the guest speakers that attended Career Day at his school gave him and his fellow classmates a better idea of what a day is like for the professionals .

“It just taught everybody about different jobs and seeing different aspects of everybody’s career life and maybe might interest some people in to the field and it’s pretty inspirational, some people  I think.” said Flores.

Students showed up to their usual morning class on Wednesday, April 1st. The only difference was the lecture wasn’t coming from their everyday teacher.  Instead it came from guest speakers that were assigned to different classrooms to talk to teens about their careers.

“I learned a lot about jobs and I thought it was pretty informative and I had fun learning about it too.”

Counselor and organizer of the event, Susan Villon says career day is a great way to motivate kids for their future

“We wanted to expose all our students to different careers and career pathways that they can take.” said Villon.

Villon says invitations are sent out to different agencies and they welcome as many professionals as possible to attend.  For example, our very own reporter Eduardo Santiago had a chance to share what it’s like to be a reporter in the valley.

“We always have a great turnout, the community is always very supportive of our students and Brawley High School,” said Villon. We couldn’t have asked for better presenters.”

Villon says Brawley Wildcats look forward to this event every two years, and are always excited to hear what presenters will bring to their school.

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