Celebration of marine’s life

HOLTVILLE, Calif.- Marine corporal Erik Silva, a native of Holtville, was the youngest of four brothers and sisters.  Although his family says he was shy, Silva was well known in his community for his participation in sports and his love for youth programs.  Silva was part of his high school band and played different sports. Although he loved to support his community, Silva had another calling, to serve in the US military. An experience he thought would help him reach his dream of becoming one day becoming a police officer. Only as his brother Isaac Silva describes, he never got that chance.

“That night it was, I still remember it just like it was yesterday and every year on his anniversary I still get that same feeling.” said I. Silva.

On April 3, 2003 his platoon was attacked and he was shot by an Iraqi soldier. He was only 22 years old and the first Imperial Valley soldier to die in the Iraq war.  Twelve years today his brother says Corporal Silva lives in the hearts of his family, friends and community.

“One day we will meet again but in the meantime, I want to keep his memory alive by pretty much doing what he loved, playing golf and helping out kids.”

The 2015 Erik Silva Memorial golf tournament will be this Saturday April 4 at the Barbara Worth Resort.  Like other years Isaac Silva says they welcome everyone in the Imperial Valley to participate.  The tournament has raised more than $10,000 over the years.  The money collected is used to support local youth programs.



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