CEO of YFB named President at Yuma Catholic High School

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma Catholic High School announced Mike Ivers President/CEO of the Yuma Food Bank to now be the President of Yuma Catholic.

Mike Ivers said, “When I asked them what they wanted me to do they said they wanted me to be the face for Yuma Catholic. I said, I can do that! I’m excited to be the face of Yuma Catholic.”

With more than three decades of Catholic education Ivers said it was an easy decision.

“I have a faith based background and that’s what’s motivated this decision,” adds Ivers.

He’s excited to get started and bring students from all schools together.

Ivers said, “Students from Yuma Catholic, students from Yuma Union, Superintendent Badone and all the kids at public high schools. We’re not in competition with one another. We’re together for one person and that’s for the young people in Yuma and helping them reach their educational potential.”

“I’ve always said the greatest treasure in Yuma are the young people in Yuma” said Ivers.

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