Yuma County Chamber of Commerce hosts candidate forum

YUMA, Ariz. – The Yuma County Chamber of Commerce held their monthly Good Morning Yuma event Thursday morning at Arizona Western College and hosted a panel of candidates vying for county positions in the upcoming election. Participants had breakfast amongst Yuma County residents, introduced their proposed policies, and answered rounds of individual questions.

The event attendees came together for a unified cause—getting to know all candidates’ messages and how their policies will impact the county.

“The biggest thing they come out to get is more information,” says David Alegria, Yuma County Chamber Ambassador. “More information about how as a community they’re going to progress and how Yuma County is going to get better. That’s what’s important to the people.”

There are four candidates running for District 5 Supervisor, and a couple of the opposing candidates shared what motivated them to participate in this election, and what challenges they foresee.

“I care about the people in Yuma,” shares District 5 Supervisor candidate, Connie Uribe. “I have become the person that I am today because of Yuma, and I want to give back to my community.”

A second District 5 Supervisor candidate, Norma Nelson, places Yuma’s youth at the top of her priority list and stresses the need for young people to get out and vote. “That’s a huge challenge in Yuma County, because we do have people, young people, that need to vote. That’s the only way we’re gonna change things,” expresses Nelson. “I asked a lady one time if she could change anything about Yuma what would that be, and she said the ‘good ol’ boys’ system. She said that is what’s handcuffing Yuma, and that is why we do not grow and develop.”

The Yuma County primary election is on August 30th and early voting is going on now. For information on the candidates and the upcoming election, visit yumacountyaz.gov.


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